Berwick Street Market & Street Food Union, Soho

My favourite workday lunch spot in London right now has to be the food markets of Soho. In-between Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road tube stops, on the historic back streets of Soho,  you can find Berwick Street Market and Street Food Union. The two markets are right next to each other and both offer a wide variety of amazing food options. The stalls are only around in the day so make a perfect lunch spot.

Berwick Street Market – Monday to Saturday 9-6 –

Street Food Union (Rupert Street) – Weds to Sat 11-3.30 –

The markets offer many different types of food, from British, Italian and Mediterranean to Indian and Thai.

One of my personal favourites has to be Jerusalem Falafel (Berwick Street). Freshly made wraps (best bread in London as voted by my colleagues) and so full of flavour. For just £4 regular or £5 large you also get a very large portion which is guaranteed to fill you up. I would highly recommend giving this one a try.

Picture taken from Jerusalem Falafel’s twitter account
The market gets particularly busy between 1-2 on week days
The Chicken Po’Boy with melted cheese and slaw from Dixie Union (Street Food Union) is one of my personal favorites
Italian Sausage or Mozzarella and Parma Ham Sandwiches (Street Food Union)
The markets also have a variety of sweet treats like these quirky kinder egg cakes from The Red Gingham Bakery (Street Food Union).
In the summer the restaurants on the market streets open their shop windows to offer even more food options, like this feta cheese and spinach wrap made fresh in front of you at the Med Bar (Berwick Street)
Can’t pick? Share with your colleagues and try a bit of everything. On the left is the chicken po’boy, in the middle is the mozzarella and Parma ham sandwich and on the right is the feta cheese wrap. All amazing!


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