The Wicked Uncle Challenge – Buying Xmas Gifts for Children and Children-at-Heart

The being-an-Adult-at-Christmas-Time Dilemma:

You know what’s hard about being an adult with a full-time job during the holidays? That you’re now expected to buy your own gifts for other people. There’s no more simply scribbling your name on to whatever your parents have bought for family members. And for me, being the eldest of several cousins, Christmas shopping has become a very hectic, expensive and sometimes downright confusing time. Ever since mid-November, I have been keeping my eye out for suitable gifts for my younger relatives, but with just a couple of weeks left until Christmas, I was yet to buy a single thing!

This is when Wicked Uncle approached me to take on the Wicked Uncle Challenge. I was given a £40 voucher and told to find suitable presents using their site. Not usually one for online shopping, I was a little apprehensive at first, but it’s safe to say Wicked Uncle definitely come through for me in the end!

The Wicked Uncle Basics:

On Wicked Uncle, all you need to do is enter the age and/or gender of the child you’re buying for and you’re presented with a whole bunch of suitable gifts. Depending on how well you know the child you can also filter by categories such as ‘adventurer’ or ‘brainiac’. There are hundreds of great gift ideas suitable for kids of all ages (right up to teens), and Wicked Uncle will also gift wrap it for you and add a card, so you can have it shipped right to their door. As a cute little bonus, there is also a thank you card included for the child to send right back to you.

Why I Loved Wicked Uncle:

1. Wicked Uncle told me what presents are suitable for each child I needed to buy for based on their age, so I didn’t have to figure this out for myself. I mean, how is a 24-year-old without children supposed to know what to buy a 7-year-old boy!?

2. I didn’t have to spend hours trawling around London’s hectic toy shops aimlessly looking for gifts – everything was done online.

3. Wicked Uncle gift-wrapped the presents, added personalised cards and sent them straight to the recipients for me. Meaning fewer boxes for me to lug back home on the tube and train for Christmas.

The Surprise:

The big surprise of taking on the Wicked Uncle challenge was realising that many of the gifts available on the site were also suitable for adults. There were plenty of fun and quirky present ideas for grown-ups, such as a perpetual motion power driven marble run which I got for my strangely marble run loving father, and a pack of chocolate vegetables which I bought for my 5-a-day-phobic brother.

I even ended up buying myself a Christmas present (who hasn’t done that before, right?) – a scratch map where you scratch off all of the counties you’ve ever visited. Perfect for travel-addicts of all ages!

The Final Verdict:

Well, it’s safe to say I went well over the £40 voucher on my first Wicked Uncle shopping spree. Not only did I sort out several presents for my younger relatives, but I found a few fun prezzies for the older bunch too. Wicked Uncle made my Christmas shopping much quicker and easier to organise around my busy schedule. I will definitely be using the site again in the future.

Shop the website here.

*Wicked Uncle kindly gave me a £40 voucher to spend on their site, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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